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Today is a glorious Vancouver day. The sun is out and if you wanted you could go jumperless as its a warm 9 celsius.  Joggers, walkers and basically anybody who was not in meaningful employment were out and about. I was no different, I was determined to use the window of sunshine to return to Stanley Park.

On the eastern side of Vancouver it was about 10 blocks from where I was staying. Dense beautiful forest, lakes and whatever else makes tree huggers go weak at the knees. And we aren’t talking about something small, it takes up the size of a small suburb.

Don’t worry about trying to squint and find me, this was taken off a tourist sign. There were heaps of ducks and other wildlife (even saw a racoon) but there are many a sign warning people to not feed the ducks. Apparently it mucks up the delicate ecosystem and it stops them finding their own food.  I can get my own food but if a duck came to me with a loaf of bread I wouldn’t turn it down. I’m sure that once they get hungry they would revert back to fending for themselves.

The rain from the previous days was causing grief. I don’t mind the rain, I do have a problem with umbrellas.  As I am 6 inches taller than most I am in prime “blinding zone”. Everybody’s umbrella was glancing my face and I felt like Ali ducking and bobbing. Then it dawned on me, stay inside and eat.

The Canucks (ice hockey) have just tied their game, I’ve bunkered down in a bar cheering them on. I must leave and get into full throat.  Canadian beer is good but Portland brewers can sleep easy.


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