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Last Drinks (Nearly)

After my little discussion yesterday I thought that I should even the ledger and list a couple of things that we should implement in Australia (specifically in Toowoomba), because I don’t want to travel an hour if the hunger grumbles start in the pit of my belly.

1. Longer trading hours – places are open later. This may be a byproduct of the fact the sun doesn’t go down until 9pm but most places do not shut until 10 or 11 at night. And we are not just talking about the multinationals here, there are a many small restaurant and business that don’t turn the OPEN sign around until near midnight. Even better are the 24hr bakeries/cafes. Exhibit A below (Cornish pastie, jam doughnut and coffee)

Now I know there is the issue of wage rates and Australia’s endless legislation that suffocates small business, all I am saying is we can’t hold ourselves up to be some cosmopolitan destination if the only thing you can get past 1pm is Subway.

2.  Street Signs – The names of the streets hang over the traffic lights in large font (Arial, I believe, for all the sign writers). This means you can see them a mile away and it makes it easier to navigate. Someone contact every Regional Council in Queensland.

Other than that I hope everybody in Australia is knee deep in Good Friday. Remember jam doughnuts have no meat in them. If I recall correctly the Bible mentions baby Jesus’ love of baked goods?

Enjoy the break and most importantly the football.


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