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Hard To Swallow

Two sunny days in a row. Vancouver, keep going for another three months and we will call you Brisbane. There are three things that I find slightly head scratching about this place (bear in mind each state/country have its own native outliners):

1. Smoking – for a community of health conscious folk there seems to be a higher proportion of smokers around the joint (excuse the pun). On that topic I think medical cannibas is legal here. I’ve noticed there may be a medical link between glaucoma and men with gray ponytails. Maybe it’s just the CBD and I need to workshop it with the Canadian Bureau of Statistics?

2. Parking Bays – Parking on the side of the road is permitted and there are parking meters dotted along the kerb. Just one problem, there are no parking bays? The person who was in charge of painting the bays was watching the hockey?

3. Tax – Now as an accountant and tourist this is that one that puts a stone in my shoe – all prices here are plus tax. When I am hungry and tired I just whip out whatever currency I can do that I can start feasting. I am not in the mood to add varying tax rates and then factor in tips etc. Tell me what the final price is and then I can at least do some simple sums and work out a tip. Rant over.

Now I have eaten some memorable food whilst on this trip but there have been a couple where I just eat it and move on:

The club sandwich was from Cheryl’s Diner in Portland. It wasn’t bad, more the fact that the person next to me had something looking a lot better.

Now I went to The Elbow Room Cafe during my last visit and had some great banana and choc chip pancakes.  This place is known for two things; the language can be a bit ‘blue’ and they get patrons to donate money to charity in food is left uneaten. I ordered the “Cindy Williams”. For those that are unaware she was the less famous one out of Laverne & Shirley. It was probably named because it was a lot like her career when the TV series ended, mediocre.  Then to make it worse I had to force down some rockmelon. Would have been easier trying to swallow elephant testicles whole? Below are the rules and regulations of the cafe.

It sounds like I’m one of those whinging tourists but I think I’m the only one in our hotel that hadn’t mentioned a gripe yet. I am staying in a central location and I have a super comfortable king size bed. Sure my TV isn’t working, the shower is like a 70 year old with prostate problems and there is a nightclub and sports bar downstairs.  But if that’s the biggest problems I have it’s not that bad at all. What do people expect for $90 a night?


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