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The Library With No Books

I mentioned yesterday about March Madness. For those unfamiliar with US sports this is a three week period where all college basketballers battle it out in a nation wide knockout competition. The women also have a competition that runs concurrently because you can play basketball without a penis (Luc Longley did it for years). How popular is this? Popular enough that everybody fills out their brackets (think a Grand Slam tennis draw) and has a bet on the result. The President even had a 20 minute slot on ESPN to explain his predictions. Non-sport bar owners complain that nobody is going out, with so many teams playing in all different timezones it is akin to a month long Melbourne Cup in Australia.  With the downgraded ambience I decided to go to one place that wouldn’t be effected by all the action on the hardwood, The Whiskey Library.

I didn’t know what to expect.  I was thinking maybe a couple of old books, a few animals that had met a taxidermist and whiskey assorted by an alcoholic’s version of the Dewy Decimal System. Sadly there was no women that had their hair in a bun, held together by a pencil. I wanted to go straight in and ask them to point me in the direction of the romance section but had second thoughts (thankfully).

It was essentially a quaint little bar with people passionate about whiskey. You name it, they had it. I am not much of a whiskey guy but did gain some knowledge.  It’s a good thing that it is only a library in nature because they don’t like any “returns”.

Oh, and for the record Kentucky will win  March Madness.


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