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This is my last full day in Portland.  I am still feeling shitty about the tennis from last night so I donned my beanie and searched for comfort food.

Only a few blocks from home I came across King Jong’s Smokehouse.

It’s quintessentially Portland, specialise in only a couple of things and do them so well that word spreads like ebola. I am sure if word made it to North Korea, the owners would be subject to some form of retribution that would make you winch.

The one thing they specialise in is Bimbamap, the Korean dish served in a smoking hot stone bowl (a dolsot) with rice, kim chi, some vegetables and other stuff. My other “stuff” was smoked salmon and it was very impressive.  Because it took more than 3 minutes the waiter offered some sochu (a potato based spirit that will put hairs on your chest).

The meal was magnificent. Rather than the authentic bowl, they opted for a skillet. Despite the pleadings from the wait staff I got third degree burns from that bloody handle:

Them: “Dude, the skilket and handle is extremely hot”

Me: “Thanks”

Me: “Shit” (skin is starting to blister as I touch handle of skillet)

All good, proceed to dinner which was at Lardo (again, they know me by name) for their version of a Bahn Mi). Pork meatballs on a bun. When given the option of macaroni salad and tomato soup who am I to say “no”?

More to come  before I board Qantas Flight xx???? tomorrow…

For anybody that has read this far you deserve a medal, but I can only offer a picture of a fridge magnet..

… for the uninitiated PDX is the Portland International Airport Code. The design behind is the carpet at the airport which is considered a giatorical treasure in the Pacific North-West. Only Portland would devoteca Facebook page solely for the carpet. The pattern, is the overhead pattern of the runways at PDX.


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