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Last Drinks/Eats

Today is the last day in Portland and have started the long trek back home via San Fran, Sydney and the newest addition to the airport landscape, Toowoomba (Wellcamp for the plane mavens).

But here are some random photos that haven’t made their way into this so far. The first two are from Grassa, this Italian place which forms the holy trinity of 12th & Alder eats.

Hand made penne pasta with pesto, lamb shoulder, mint and fried chick peas.

The next is spaghetti with chilli, garlic and breadcrumbs…

Somebody has asked me of photos of people so here is one of Mike the Bartender. He would represent the typical Portland gent.  If he knew as much about acting as he did about beer he could play the middle aged Ron Howard in his biopic.

Unfortunately, after uploading the photo half of Mike’s face is missing. Just take my word about his uncanny resemblance to Richie Cunningham.  Oh well, back to the events of today.

My plane leaves at 6pm tonight so I got up and packed. My bag mirrors my waistline and increased from 17kg to 40kg. All books, chocolates for those that asked and some clothes. Will be interesting when we go to check in.  It’s now 1.30pm so will have a bit of time to scratch myself and admire the new carpet.

Breakfast this morning was a Bahn Mi and some pumpkin soup from the bakery.

Up next San Francisco. Thanks Portland, you have been a pleasant host.


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