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Lounge Lizard (Hong Kong)

An early start due to a Brisbane departure was not completely bad news. The saving grace was a Qantas Lounge Pass and a driver who has a proclivity for early starts and the ability to be bribed with the promise of duty-free liquor. 

Leaving at 5.30, we made use of the tunnel infrastructure which got me to the terminal shortly after 7am meaning that a quick dart through check-in and customs and I would have three hours of lounge related fun.  Much like the age old debate between dog people and crazy cat people, there are two types of travellers – window people and aisle people. I am a proud boarding pass carrying member of the aisle club and my prayers were answered on the form of 35B.

Being a rookie to the Lounge scene I was conscious of not trying everything in five minutes. Not too many people fall in love at an airport but my lil heart beat slightly faster once I locked eyes on this exotic beauty.

An automatic pancake maker.  Who said technology is ruining society?  There weren’t overly many different options in the hot food department; scrambled eggs, bacon, mushroom, toast, pancakes and various pastries.

Qantas made a big deal about a revamped offering inspired by Neil Perry. I didn’t see Neil but there were more than a handful of staff that wore their hair in his patented wanky ponytail. 

Had to try each of the cups, tapioca and youghurt two ways.

I sat next to this executive type who called home to read his kid some children’s book he had saved on his laptop. By page 5 I was nodding off and nearly ended up wearing a face full of fruit salad.

Two hours remaining until boarding and I was full, I had raced out of the culinary gates too fast.  So I tried to do some last minute (scketchy) planning of what I wanted to do, see, walk and eat whilst in Honkers. Twelve dot points later I printed out some documents and tried to look intellectual with a book and a pot of tea (red?). It tasted great, maybe I should move from Coffeeland and shift across to Planet Tea?

First boarding call, so I do a quick inventory check by giving myself a full body patdown. Then this man says “Bradley” which I haven’t heard since I wiped my hands on Mum’s curtains after eating fish and chips in 1994 (the curtains were getting replaced the following day so it was done for comic relief). Maybe I had lost something? Maybe word got out that my tetanus booster was overdue? No, I was offerred a crumpet with salmon, kale and corn. Looked unusual enough to give it a go.

Gate 82 is calling (peform patdown #2). Make plane.


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