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Dwarf Fridge

Quick question: what makes a great plane trip? Answer: Any trip where there are more spare seats than people. Needless to say I enjoyed the flight. 

 As we were flying with the sun, it didn’t do any favours for my body clock. Even the hearty breakfast failed to work its magic. Luckily I discovered the now defunct “The Newsroom” buried deep in the in-flight entertainment and was able to squeeze out 6 episodes. I fell in love with the actress Oliva Munn, sorry Pancake Maker, out sweet and doughy liason was good while it lasted.

Other than binging on TV, very little happened. No turbulence, no annoying passengers. Just me and a chicken salad with udon noodles.

Something is the map isn’t to scale?

Landed and got my Octopus card, the local public transport access card. I think it got its name because everybody that uses the transport to and from the airport needs eight arms to carry all their belongings. I sat next to a guy from Indonesia who struck up a conversation with his broken English all while trying to pick those annoying hairs from his nose. He was from Jakarta but more importantly was able to make sure I got to the correct stop and further directions to the hotel as he had been to Hong Kong many a time. He used his racial profiling once he discovered I was Australian and pointed out the casinos, pubs and houses of ill repute. We said our goodbyes, I gave a grateful nod because I sure wasn’t going to shake his hand after I witnessed it being knuckle deep up his right nostril.

The Best Western comes with some amenities including a shortish queen size bed, a safe, serviceable shower, cable TV and a fridge. All these furnishings are housed in my room which is roughly 295  metres by 4 metres. How do they utilise the space when you consider I take up one-sixth of that myself? The solution a tiny fridge which I sat my shoe next to for some perspective.

Now I know that my size 14.5 EE shoes can make things smaller than they appear but there is no trick photography with that shot. Fingers crossed I don’t need more than one icecube?

Here is some poorly photographed images from the room. If this is indicative of Hong Kong’s taste I can safely say:

  • Brown is popular
  • Chandeliers are a must in every room that does not have running water  (including lifts)
  • Small tiles and heaps of lights are a given

No complaints, just mere observations. 
A quick stroll to stretch the legs and garner some small sense of direction before the day ahead. I needed something to bookend the day and it came in the form of beef brisket soup with prawn dumplings and noodles.


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