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Foodcarts – A Portland Institution

A few years ago in Portland one guy decided that he would park on one of the CBD car parks are start selling food from his caravan. A short while later the council embraced this situation and the foodcart phenomenon was born. Nearly every cuisine from around the world as well as experimental fusion is represented at about $7 a pop. Whole car parks are setup to cater to these carts. Many of the city’s best restaurants started life ass a foodcart. This initial success was parlayed into brick and motar.

I haven’t got enough time to cover all 800+ carts but with some help from Google and some drunken probing questions I tried to hand pick some local favourites.

Now for the pics. Nong’s Khoa Mai Gai (poached chicken and rice with peanut sauce). The travesty here is that my ham fisted camera skills don’t do this justice.

Something more European float your boat? Your wishes are answered in the former of some stodgy Polish fare. Beef stuffed cabbage and cheese dumplings. No wonder those Poles are such delicate creatures. 

And for those who wanted something a bit greasy to cut through the hangover from the night before? I present to you in all its anaphylaxis inducing glory; the breakfast omelette (with mushrooms).

So that’s breakfast, what’s for lunch…?


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