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I an still alive… It’s been a couple of days since the last update, Portland has been a hive of activity. In saying that, yesterday was the biggest sporting day of the year when two semi finals of the NFL are played back to back. I chose to watch from the relative comfort of the hotel. This was in part due to a twinge in my back due to me traversing the west coast the last couple of days. I am staying across from a 24hr chemist but I decided against any non-descript painkillers after watching the football telecast. Every advert was for some kind of medical relief and under the FDA law they must disclose side effects. Who would have thought tennis elbow could lead to dandruff, suicidal thoughts, bladder issues and pregancy complications? I guess the markerteers had to gain clearance from the legal team?

For the record the back feels better after a long walk across the other side of town.

I am staying in those hills – squint and you may see me. I am staying near a Volvo dealer but I am yet to see anybody called Lars or Helga. The upside is there is a massive Volvo sign which acts like a lighthouse if the beers are going down too well.

Here is a pic, and yes that is a shitload of snow.

Have put the hiking off for a day or so… in order to try more food. But after a lot if greasy food I decided to go to Portland’s version of nutrional rehab, Salad World.

Here is what I cobbled together and whilst it isn’t as sexy as a burger with 38 kinds of meat and artery-clogging cheese and sides, my insides will thank me later. Notice the nuts, fruits and complex carbohydrates, Rosemary Stanton would be proud.

To offset the uber-healthiness of the salad I crossed the road for the sushi train (no derailments to report though the cant was questionable.)

Other random photos since you last read:

Here is a house that is representative of Portlandier architecture.

Other than that I haven’t got much to add – it’s cold but I have mastered the shower. Currently at Beer Belly the bar staff are acting as publishers. When a pint of beer is $3 it is hard to argue, let me try ’em all.  Have I mentioned to you that you need to visit?

Here is some street art… until next time.


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  1. I know where you are!!! We cycled up to the Japanese gardens and they were so beautiful. Are you walking up the hill everyday? That is a workout and a half! Love all the food ideas!

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