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Hops In My Step

My first whole day in Portland and I was greeted with temperatures that would make an Eskimo wince.  Looks as if Ihave missed the deluge of snow, but there are many piles of the stuff on every street corner.  Every time I walk down town I feel as if I am walking past the carcus of a snowman.

The weather has made personal hygiene a real conundrum. The cold water is inhumanely cold and the hot water is unbareable. Things were that cold I swear my scrotum disappeared to somewhere near my ribcage.

Departed from the hotel to brave the light rain and strolled through the NW District for a graze. The NW is a place that has not received much of my attention and for that I should be ashamed. Each block has a brewery, cafe or food place which would make even the most hardened critic smile. I had brunch at Ken’s Artisan Bakery. Turkey sandwich with a chocolate brownie for good luck.

T’was delicious and just what needed. Next door was Sterling Coffee. A small bespoke cafe that treated coffee as an obsession. Took a parting picture just before close.

I had so far managed to avoid Downtown. There was the threat of anti-Trump rallies so rather than take refuge in my hotel I went somewhere that would warm my soul in case the world was about to end… that place was Lardo. This started as a food truck on the outskirts of town but has grown to become a mecca of pork and good times. 

The Philly Joe Jones was just what the doctor  (not nutritionist) had ordered – a vegetarian’s nightmare. To offset the mountain of meat and cheese I decided to get salad, macaroni salad. I should also mention Happy Hour meant that $3 pints fell from the sky like rain. 

Since my last visit, the team at Lardo Inc had opened a taphouse, Beer Belly.  You wouldn’t sell cigarettes under the name “Lung Cancer” or a fast food restaurant called “Love Handles” but the name isn’t off putting when pints are $3. 

It is worth paying attention to these beers… some contain everything from coffee to hemp (don’t worry Mum, it’s not harmful). How niche is the Portland brewing scene? It was the launch party of a brew named after Lardo (see #14). They also gave out free food and whilst in Rome…

For those that are wondering the beer lotto numbers were 29, 1, 25, 26, 7, 15, 14, 23 and the supplementary was 4.  Left there just before closing so I didn’t look like a drunk and two blocks down is Powells, the greatest (book)store in the history of man. Over 1 million books at a local store.  Couldn’t leave there empty handed.

It is 10.15pm at present and this place is still open on a Friday night. If anybody is chasing a tote bag speak up now.

That will do it until tomorrow. Even though Trump is still President it is heartwarming to know that a place like Powells will keep surviving.  That’s enough of a rant; I am going to head back to the hotel and hope the water temperature has reached a manageable level.

Until next time….



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