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Connected to this site is a comments section where people can write in and give some feedback, encouragement or drop distilled hatred. The majority of correspondence received is spam pushing products promising to improve cashflow, erectile function or increase internet traffic to this site. However something in the recent Moorooka blog triggered quite a stir with a handful of people in bordering Yeerongpilly. Two messages, one strongly worded in capital letters with words that shouldn’t be rehashed and another more polite effort followed a similar line of questioning, Yeerongpilly needs to be shown some love. I was always was going to sample the local delights but I was going to do it in conjunction with nearby Yeronga at a much later date due to it being at the arse end of the alphabet? Are those from Zillmere just as cranky? Word of advice “CateEats6114105”, you can’t just rant and rave without offering any suggestions, your’re not Alan Jones.

A quick Google of “yeerongpilly food” doesn’t exactly garner a slew of responses. Options are thinner than your favourite shirt that is one wash away from becoming a handful of colourful cotton again. There were two spots that looked inviting and were met with decent acclaim from reliable sources, one café and the other a brewery. The case became more compelling as they were on the same street – given the price of petrol in these wacky times this coincidence has to count for something? From Toowoomba it is a leisurely drive on a Saturday morning, four turns of the steering wheel from my garage and some ninety minutes to a park in front of the café.

Any reference to Yeerongpilly on social media is invariably followed by a snapshot of the colourful dishes coming out of the Andonis Café. The owners say it is the most Instagrammable café in Brisbane and after a visit I can agree that they aren’t stretching the truth. Specialising in heart stopping food (healthier options are available) and jaw dropping beauty. The difference between my food shots and everybody else’s was mine wasn’t showing recently botoxed lips (seriously ladies, don’t do it yourself).

My research gave me the impression that this was a mission that needed reinforcements and who better to enlist into the eating army of two than a friend I haven’t seen for close to eighteen months. We have both put on a few COVID kilos, hers was excusable as she was now eight-ish months pregnant. With an excuse of eating for two people, she was the perfect foil. If she hasn’t got gestational diabetes now, give it forty five minutes and she can add that to her pregnant glow. A quick tip, dining with a heavily pregnant woman gets you quicker service than normal. Sure just because she can make her own people she is greeted with smiles and congratulations, but I carry something of a similar size on my front (for longer) and everybody gives you that “lay off the fried chicken” side eye. Being a former premature baby myself, I was wary that she may be a hiccup or hearty chuckle away from setting some wheels in motion that could induce labour. Having no kids of my only reference point is the episode of Doogie Howser M.D. where he delivers a baby. If I was thinking straight I should have got her to scribble down the name of her obstetrician and birthing plan on a serviette in case of emergency.

Located across the road from a large gym is lauded Andonis Café. The crowd of people lining up waiting to devour brunch looks somewhat out of place in the industrial part of town, neighbouring places selling homewares and all manners of personal protection. If I see Hans Gruber or his henchmen tucking into an omelette and strong coffee, I’m heading straight to Armoured Heaven for protection. The line moved quickly and soon we were shown to our umbrellaed table, a chance to reconnect amongst the springtime Brisbane sunshine. So many great looking options on the menu I fear that the food may be like some of the patrons, attractive but disappointing?

I settled on the Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road. An egg atop some fried chicken slabs on a waffle and some haloumi in a jungle of greens. It came with maple syrup on the side with those who hanker for the sweeter side of life and a syringe full of sauce. Forgo the chewing and just inject that goodness straight into the vein. My preconceptions about all style and no substance dissipated after the first mouthful. By the second I remembered that one shouldn’t prejudge (other than Police Academy 5). The staff were friendly and ensured that my friend’s meal ticked all the boxes for pregnant ladies, no hint of uncooked egg, runny cheese etc. Her croissant gave way under the pressure of multiple hashbrowns, bacon, truffle mayo, eggs and haloumi. She washed this down with a drink that will keep the Australia’s dairy industry afloat for the foreseeable future – milk, cream and chocolate in its many forms, somehow defying the laws of gravity and surface tension. My long black seemed a bit bland after all that pomp.

For those that eat with their eyes as well as their mouth, you can’t go too far wrong at Andoinis. All the food that passed us on its way to other tables made me wish I had enough room for seconds. I strongly considered talking the advice from my dish’s name and crossing the road myself to spend some time in the gym in an effort to speed up the metabolism. We can confirm that pets are welcome and they have a specialised menu catering for mutts including dog ‘chinos and/or icecream. Anything that limits barking or humping the leg of other patrons is a step forward for society in my book. The “pet friendly” tag is probably limited to your domesticated dog, I’d leave any caged animals at home as well as your beasts of burden, space is at a premium.

For those wondering my friend gave birth a few days later to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Can report both mother and baby are going well other than his complete distain for breast milk. Instead, he has acquired a taste for haloumi, hashbrowns and chocolate milk. Doctors are baffled.


A sweaty stroll down the road and around the bend you will find Slipstream Brewing Company. Housed in a large industrial shed it has a selection of beers brewed on site and an equally sizeable food menu. Having eaten more than my bodyweight at the café minutes earlier I passed up the food in favour of a beer. The breeze on this warm day was welcome relief as was the cold beer. Outside there is a small kids play area where you can convince yourself you are a competent parent, letting your ankle biters entertain themselves while you partake in some local medicine. Too many beers could be how you found yourself with a child in the first place?

The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and if you ask nicely you might even get a small taster before picking your poison from the many options. The range is extensive, everything from a Lager, IPA, Ginger Beer, Sours and Red/Dark beers. All flowing freely and awaiting your thirst. My only complaint was that I had to get back to Toowoomba that afternoon, I could have sat there all afternoon and sucked back many more. Will be back. CateEats6114105 I hope I have done your home patch proud?

What can I say to the staff at Slipstream, I too was a big fan



Brunch: Andonis Cafe & Bar, Yeerongpilly (Cafe)

Drink: Slipstream Brewing Company, Yeerongpilly (Craft Brewery)


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