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Nice Set of Buns You (Custard) Tart

If the old saying “you are what you eat”, is true it would be safe to say that I may transform into some form of steamed bun in the next 64 hours. Now these things are not native to Hong Kong, many Asian countries put their own spin on it, but these the best I have encountered.

Each of them have a dot or a particular shape so that you can differentiate between the many types. Custard was my favourite. Trap for first timers – because they are steamed they are placed on a sheet of baking paper to stop them sticking to the bamboo steamers. The paper is not edible and has to be peeled away as I remembered half way through my first and then my muscle memory kicked in.

Here is a side by side comparison of what I have been chewing on while ambling around. Pork bun (purple dot)

Custard bun (yellow dot)

Vanilla? (disappointing) bun (speckly) had nothing inside it.

Pink bun. Don’t know why it is pink, it’s filled with sweet potato. 

At $1 AUD each they are easy on the pocket, but no so forgiving on the waistline?

There are also items that you could purchase here and have your own dim sum event at home. 

Duck spring rolls.

Fried vegetable dumpling

Sweet potato cakes. Didn’t realise what they were? Fell victim to the point and smile technique. Thought they had a filling, alas no, pure sweet potato sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Custard tarts

I must leave it there. Have to keep walking if I want to try all the buns. Afterwards I might need a foot massage (all massage therapists seem to have the same sign).


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