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Lights, Camera, No Action

When people talk about Hong Kong they mention the lightshow in the same way that new parents say ,”You must come and see our baby.” I know that if I didn’t there would be those judgemental conversations about why I didn’t make time to take it in.

Good news is I saw it, bad news is that it was the end of a long day and my phone decided it had done enough. I am sure the folk at YouTube have some record of it. My last shot was of the building that has a continual lightshow.

It’s amazing that after a full day at work, the employees can cordinate turning their office lights on and off with military precision. That is dedication to the task.

On the waterfront there were all these different works of art that you are supposed to interact with and capture it in perpetuity.  Here is some commentary providing insight behind the art.

I don’t know why that kid is lining up for a haircut? He could squeeze a few weeks out of that before it got unruly.

That women should pay more attention to those kids rather than the tablet. If she did she would realise that there is a local felon sneaking up behind her and she has a kid drowning in her hair. Save the children!

The British may have handed Hong Kong back but the standard of dentistry still remains.

James Bond-esque type in a suit holding a fish. Nothing more more I can add here.

The game of hopscotch is so exciting his hair is standing on end.

A small lady is standing on the artist’s head. Cats are never happy.

Local showpony.

Let’s hope these two are related. Otherwise raise the alarm.

Until next time, it’s bye from these two.


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