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Let’s Eat (Part 2)

Before the technology went on strike we were knee deep in a Ruins Pub market and I was about to help raise money for kids via donating to a bake sale.

The rule was pick whatever you wanted and donations were welcomed. The language barrier (their English was better than mine and I can’t wrap my tongue around words like “lekvaios peskattra”) meant there was a lot of pointing and nodding. Fortunately there was an action figure near each batch of treasure, meaning I could either describe in English what the main ingredient was (“plum”) or cross reference that to the adjacent action figure (“Ninja Turtle”).

I was a hefty benefactor to their cause. In return I got a Peach Slice, Coconut and Chocolate Roll, Chestnut Slice and a traditional Chocolate Fudge. Total donation was 1000HUF or $5AUD

They all were beautiful, as expected. Made with love and care by women who have been passing down the secrets from generation to generation. My personal favourite was the Super Mario, followed by the Pokemon figurine.

By now I couldn’t care if there was a blizzard. I had provisions from the bake sale. Then possibly the greatest moment of my life, when next door I saw the same group of ladies cooking up pork goulash and a batch of cabbage stew.

Once again family secrets given away for a small donation. Not only this it came with unlimited chunky bread, sour cream and an optional hot sauce. They also handed out their own personalised vanilla and chocolate biscuits which I carefuly balanced on the plate. Pork goulash:

I didn’t want to get any biscuits with the cabbage stew:

Once again a little over $5. These things were so warming, the Beast From The East Was slayed through the power of home cooking with passion…

…and by the magical powers of the old widow who has kept her dead husband’s testicles and had them sewn into her beanie as a reminder. Now that is love.


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  1. My Lord! The stew and goulash look amazing. I think Megan is currently crocheting one of those beanies. YIKES!!!

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