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Hungary Round Up

Consider this the summary of my last days in Hungary. I’m aboard the train to Bratislava, chuffed that my planning ran like clockwork and I have a cabin all to myself. Through the window the scenery is reminiscent of an old beer, flat and a yellowish colour due to the season. I could easily imagine how postcard worthy it would become after the spring rain and a dose of sun shining brighter than a child prodigy.

The two constants over these last couple of days have been markets and food.

Had a chance to revisit the Szimpla Sunday market, the one last year where the Hungarian ladies of the local P&C association had the bake sale and served up goulash. Was raring to experience that homely goodness again. Unfortunately this year the bake sale portion did not happen but thankfully the goulash remains a market staple.

Sure, I appreciate the portions being served out but trying to navigate through the crowd with molten lava in a thin plastic bowl isn’t the easiest thing I have done. The skin on your hands grows back fairly quickly doesn’t it?

The dessert portion had been pared down to one single item, a handmade doughnut. Who was going to say no to one of these? Fried before your eyes and finished with a dob of jam and icing sugar.

The other vendors were as eager as ever to showcase their wares, but overall my experience this time around at these markets could not match the sheer joy from last March.


Last year I omitted paying a visit to the Grand Markets in Budapest. As the name suggests this is a one stop shop for (predominantly) produce. These daily markets were certainly worth checking out but I didn’t find myself with any compelling purchases.

Whilst trodding around I saw this street performer with balls (literally). When the traffic came to a halt at one of Hungary’s busiest intersection he would run out and perform 6 ball juggling in an attempt to extract money from the drivers. I have been attempting to master that juggling trick for years with no success and he’s more stylishly dressed than me. I hate him. Gone are the days of the toothless windscreen cleaner, the ante has been upped.

Over at the Buda side of the Danube I came across this historical statute, unfortunately it had copped a fair pasting by the local pigeons who I must admit seemed pleased with themselves if their head bobbing and strutting was any indication. Everyone has the right to be happy with one’s efforts but I draw the line when they are celebrating to this extent. For the ring leader they laid out the red carpet.

And then they double down with a swanky after party – fully catered of course with pastry and bread crusts. However, as with any of these fancy events someone always goes a bit too far, showing a bit too much plumage for that time of day.

Discovered that you can buy a quiche under the guise of “worker’s lunch” at the bakery. There wouldn’t be too much work being down after downing this ham, cheese and tomato beast if my experience counts for anything.
If you have more of a sweet tooth maybe you can finish your meal (and possibly) you life with a fist sized rum ball? A glass and a half of rum in every bite.
Don’t fancy the hangover? Here is one of Hungary’s most revered dishes, the langos. a deep fried bread with sour cream and cheese. Mine was a sheep cheese (eww-eww on the menu) with dill. At this point I was after any form of green. Tasted like a cheesy savoury doughnut, scrumptious. Stopping at one for obvious health reasons.
For the pastry freaks I have your back. Here is a collection of odds and ends that were bought purely for research purposes. I have come to the conclusion that usually the pastries in Hungary have one of four fillings – chocolate, jam, poppy seeds or cheese curd.

A chocolate-coconut brownie from London Coffee Society. The brownie was only brownie on the outside and had cheese curd and coconut on the inside with the odd nugget of choc chip. Whilst it was really tasty the coffee was filtered sewerage. This place is always popular so I am searching as to why? Maybe there is an orgy den out the back?

There was the cheese curd tart (you’re probably gathering that cheese curd is everywhere, and that’ss not a bad thing) with meringue. Enjoyed this one in the park.
Budapest was even more enjoyable on the second run. Better accommodation, super weather and increased familiarity. The time saved by not getting discombobulated was reinvested into the sights, sounds (but mostly) the tastes of the city. Apologies for cutting this short, I discovered the only three English-translsted books at the local book store. Going to read these on the train to Bratislava, they look to be real page turners.


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