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One Dim Sum, Two Dim Sum…

After a shaky start at my first solo Dim Sum experience I am now a regular. And the same name kept coming up, One Dim Sum. One block away from the MTR, even I was able to track it down without too much dismay.

Another Michelin star recipient it was good to know that the award didn’t have too far to travel as this was on the same block. It was a sign (literally).

Side note: due to space being at a premium tyres are changed in the parking spaces on the side of the street. A car on blocks doesn’t mean that the Triads have been at work.

There was a line up round the corner, a mixture of locals and blow ins all wanting the same thing.

I picked up my bingo sheet and was handed a portfolio of glossy pictures with the dish names in 5 different languages.  Just mark the corresponding number off on your sheet and you will be given a number. When you are called, the wating begins. 

Based on previous experience of gettung a seat quickly if dining sans partner I thought I might jump the queue. I was right. Tucked in around the doorway is a single seat where people with no friends can sit and comfort eat.

Going here became a daily ritual. If the “montage of your life just before you die” holds any truth I reckon that this deserves a frame.

The place is that tiny they have the sheet system (right hand side above) as there is no room to accommodate the turning circle of one cart, let alone two. It would mirror the peak hour on nearby Nathan Road. The photo is taken at the other side of the room.

Mango rolls x 4 (because dessert can be eaten anytime here). Chunks of real mango in a sweet rice roll and covered in coconut. If you got a Weis bar and rolled it in coconut you would get the idea.

Water chestnut cake. A not so sweet jelly that has got pieces nuttiness suspended within. You’d either like it or turn your nose up.

The other usual suspects glutinous rice with meat and mushroom, bbq pork bun, dumplings etc. However they had this dessert which was deep fried egg covered in coconut and honey/condensed milk.

And Asian tea cake. Steamed cake which is every bachelor’s best friend.

My favourite place to eat in Hong Kong. The bonus is there is so much going on in tge neighbourhood you can trundle around until it’s that time again. And for $15 AUD there isn’t much more to say.

Unless anything noteworthy happens on the flight that’s me signing off. Anyone who hasn’t been here should take a chance, there is so much to see and do. I only touched the surface in 5 days so I will definitely be returning. Let’s hope the rubber chicken doesn’t get squashed on the way home. It would sound like a zoo burning down.

PS. Scored an aisle seat!


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