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Learning About Czech Tech

Hey kids, come here. Uncle Brad learnt some fun stuff today that you won’t believe. It wasn’t that long ago that mobile phones didn’t exist and people smarter than you or I were using salts and special lights to develop photos. People were using sextants to discover the world rather than sexting to discover too much about your neighbours. That’s right, today I visited the National Technical Museum and it was very fascinating.

Sure it doesn’t fill the void left by missing out on the Pinball Museum in Budapest but interesting nevertheless. I also needed to break a 2,000 CZK note and could do it here without copping the wrath of the local store owner.


un fact: I hazard a guess that there would be over 50 Museums in Prague. Everything from the Gingerbread Museum, the Sex Toy Museum and everything in between. Seriously, anything you can think of has a street corner devoted to its history. The National Tech one trumps them all.

The Museum covered a range of items and their impact on Czech life. Manufacturing, transport, photography, fim and television just to name a few. There was a number of hands-on activities and the employees were always keen to share their knowledge should you want some further background.

The biggest display is the Transport section. The history of motorbikes, cars, planes, balloons, locomotives and boats were all vying for my attention. Each model has a description of what features made it groundbreaking. This usually ended in a sentence similar to “even though it was considered one of the best in the world, few were sold and the company went bankrupt”.

The Photography section talked through the inital discoveries involving the reflection of light, evolution of development techniques all the way through to holograms and the impact digital photography is having on the way people interact. A visit here should be on anyone’s list of things to do whilst in Prague. Highly recommended.

That’s enough culture for one day. Breakast was heartier than it has been recently. Central Europe is famous for their smallgoods so when 3 Sausage Breakfast on the menu I wanted to see if the hype was real. It was served with eggs and salad so it was healthy too. A cup of coffee and I had some sights to see

and some digestion to do.

I could bore you with endless out of focus pictures of churches, castles, fountains etc but I will spare you the monotony. I did come across a small bridge that goes over a canal. Much like other bridges around Europe tourists purchase locks, write or engrave their names on them, lock them onto the bridge for eternity and toss the key into the blue below. I think this signifies love, either to each other or a shared fondness of home security (not quite sure)? I understand the romance of this gesture but judging by the short note up in the top left, somebody regrets being their actions already and wants the world to know.

I mentioned previously that there is a surprisingly huge number of dogs in the Czech Republic. The actions of this lady and sign on the shop indicates there may be one less now?

And if there are any cat people reading, their is also a cafe catering to you and your pussy. I didn’t dine there, partly because I thought they might serve your food straight from a tin and expect you to shit in a box in the corner. Funnily enough

Budapest also had a Cat Cafe. Maybe there is

a franchising opportunity for those that are felined inclined?

a franchising opportunity for those that are felined inclined?

Tomorrow I am headed out of town for the day to Kutna Hora, a small historical town 90 minutes away from Prague. Until then usmívejte se a zůstaňte dobře.


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