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Crazy, Crazy Prices

Ever wanted to replace a remote control for your first ever VCR? Or maybe pick up the latest smart phone? I’ve been to the fish, meat, flower, goldfish, fabrics and electronics markets around town. 

Anything you ever dreamed of is only an impulse purchase away. So why did I come back with a rubber chicken? Because he makes a funny noise, that’s why!

If it’s animals that you are chasing there is alive, dead, soon to be dead, semi dried, dried and frozen. That includes anything that swims, flys or runs. If you have a hankering for a paricular organ of an animal, there is somebody willing to offer you the deal of a lifetime on that goose pacreas that you have been trying to get your hands on.

The electronics section starts out at the high end items and by the end of the market it disapates into men sitting on the footpath and at their feet are Dick Smith era capacitors, Atari games, a handful of fridge magnets and a remote controlled car that has seen better days.

It’s the place that, if they didn’t stock it they would know somebody that would now somebody… And it wouldn’t be Hong Kong if there wasn’t a complete shift of scope just down the road. At the end of the markets you are greated by Dragon Centre. In Australia we would think it is the name of the local Chinese takeout, but in Hong Kong it is a retail coliseum.

My recently acquired chicken friend was riding the subway with me in peak hour Long story short, as it got quite cramped he got squished  and let out his trademark squeal. There were people ducking for cover left and right. 

This afternoon… the Peak


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  1. Wow it’s nice to see exactly where we order our new remote from every six months. Our dog loves a good Panasonic tv remote to chew on!

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