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All Aboard The Gravy Train

During my last few trips to the North-West I have yet to the American staple of buscuits and gravy. For the uninitiated the term biscuit is not interchangeable either side of the Equator. Northern Americans use the term for something that is more scone like.  Our “buscuits” are their “cookies”. And the best way to serve this cultural phenomenon? If you answered “drown them in a gravy” you win/contract (hypertension).

Before you judge, this isn’t a daily occurence and I won’t go for another ride on the buscuit merry-go-round. But for the 10 minute window before my resting heart rate doubled, everything felt right in the world. Thanks to all at Pine State Biscuits. I opted for mushroom gravy over sausage gravy due to its superior health benefits.
Yes, and that is a piece of pecan pie. It had a crust akin to a meat pie but it was as good as it looks. I see why they call it soul food. 

Enjoy Australia Day, I need a long walk.


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